Best Things To Do in Yousmarg, Kashmir

Take one heck of a trek
Trek on the decked up trails Yousmarg is a haven for those who prefer the raw beauty of nature to manicured lawns and gardens.

Though the journey can be challenging at times, you'll be charmed by the rolling hills, flower-strewn walkways, expansive stretches of meadows crisscrossed by flowing white streams, and brilliant blue lakes that you'll see along the way.

As you hike up, the cool breeze across your face will feel nice. The sense of adventure grows as you hike because the pathways are less traveled. It feels as if you're leaving a trail for others to follow when you walk into these uncharted territory.
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Go for Rustic Rides Have you ever fantasized of riding a horse like a king and embarking on an exciting adventure deep into the alpine forests? If that's the case, seize the opportunity to do so in Yousmarg with both hands.

Because the main attractions in Yousmarg are located at a high height, they can only be reached by hiking or pony rides. Because the terrain is steep and narrow, many people choose the latter, which makes pony rides a more accessible means of transportation.

Horseback riding is also much less expensive than in popular tourist sites such as Pahalgam and Gulmarg. What could be better than a low-cost ride to discover Yousmarg's undiscovered charm?
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Do a digital Detox We sometimes lose touch with our inner selves as a result of cellphones and other technology that allow us to be in touch 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yousmarg's lack of connectivity is actually a blessing in disguise. You may enjoy the most quiet days of your life with no email notifications, Instagram pop-ups, or SMS alerts.

Go offline, disconnect from your subconscious stress, and re-energize with the scent of fresh mountain air, the lyrical sounds of brooks streaming past, the eye-pleasing images of snow-covered hills, and the leafy green colours of the trees. By doing so, not only will you be detoxing from the toxic stress of life, but you will also be immersed in seclusion and quiet.