A brief History of Yousmarg

Background Yousmarg is a classic undiscovered natural song, surrounded by silver white pyramid peaks, virgin meadows, forests, and rushing waterfalls. Long stretches of grasslands flanked by deodar, pine, and Chinar trees can be found here.

Yousmarg, 50 kilometers from Srinagar, is known for its unrivaled beauty, which has been unaffected by pollution and population growth. As a result, it has retained its original allure, exuding tranquility and serenity. It's a fantastic place for postcard-perfect shots because there's less foot traffic here. It is home to the tallest peaks in the Pir Panjal range, including the Tattakutti and Sunset Peaks.

In the lap of these mountains, a white foaming river called Doodh Ganga curls in thin spirals. This river flows through the picturesque Sang-e-Safed Valley, where in the spring, rare wild Himalayan flowers bloom profusely. The hamlet has made a name for itself as a nice place to hike and picnic.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Yousmarg is home to Chrar-e-Sharief, one of Kashmir's holiest shrines. As a result, it wouldn't be inaccurate to refer to Yousmarg as the blessed part of Kashmir's paradise, blessed in more ways than one can count.
History Except for a few legends, little is known about Yousmarg's history. The derivation of this hamlet's name sheds some light on its history. Yousmarg is a perversion of the Valley's original name, Roosmarg, which means Meadow of Musk deer. In the local language, Roos refers to a deer.

Hundreds of years ago, the area was known as Roosmarg, and it was home to a variety of deer and other wildlife. These people used to live in the area until perhaps five or six decades ago. As a result, Yousmarg has remained largely unoccupied, which explains why there are little historical records concerning it.

In all of the historical traditions connected to Yousmarg, one thing sticks out: it is the eternal abode of Jesus. Yousmarg, according to Ahmadiyas (a Muslim sect), is a short form of Youza, which means Jesus, and Marg, which means Meadows, hence Yousmarg means "Meadow of Jesus."

According to legend, the hamlet was named after Jesus, who arrived in Kashmir, took refuge here, and even died here. Some even suggest that this is where his tomb is located. A heated discussion surrounds these claims, which range from the Musk deer meadow of Roosmarg to the Meadow of Jesus, Yousmarg, following a belief that Jesus Christ spent a few lost years here. They do, however, interest and lend historical value to Yousmarg.