Tourist Places and Sightseeing in Yousmarg

Doodh Ganga.jpg
Doodh Ganga The Pir Panjal glaciers near the Tatakoti summit give rise to the Doodhganga, a tributary of the Jhelum. Yachera and Sangesafed, two mountain streams, merge to form this river, frothing over boulders, slamming on bedrocks, and rolling over stones, producing a milky white foam, hence the name Doodhganga (Flowing Milk).

The glittering stream is only 2 kilometers from Yousmarg, which is easily accessible by trekking. The river is home to a variety of fish species, including Rainbow Trout, and is regarded as one of Kashmir's greatest angling and fishing sites. In addition, the location is an excellent starting point for many trekking adventures, and the visual grandeur of the area surrounding the river makes it an ideal picnic destination.
Nilnag Lake.jpg
Nilnag Lake Nilnag Lake is a charming tiny lake about 5 kilometers downhill from Yousmarg. It can only be reached by trekking or pony ride from Gogji Pathri settlement, which is located at an elevation of 2180 meters.

Against the emerald-dense pine forests, the river has a vivid blue tint that glows like a gem. The contrast is pleasing to the eye, and the resulting ambience soothes the senses.
Sang-e-Safed Valley.jpg
Sang-e-Safed Valley Sang-e-Safed Valley, which means 'White Rocks,' is 10 kilometers from Yousmarg and is named after the frozen lake it protects. It serves as the base camp for trekking to the high Tattakutti peak, which is surrounded by massive mountains. The River Doodh Ganga bisects this fascinating meadow, which is green in the summer and snowy in the winter. The breathtaking scenery of the area makes it ideal for a picnic.
Lidder Mad and Haijan.jpg
Lidder Mad and Haijan Two other meadows, Lidder Mad and Haijan, are at a short distance from the Sang-e-Safed Valley. These lush meadows are one of Kashmir's best-kept secrets, less visited and less well-known, and flanked by hills and pine trees. You'll have to go see for yourself to verify this. The twin meadows, lined by pine trees, guarded by enormous peaks sporting cloud rings, and carpeted by colorful flowers, calm the eyes of all viewers.