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Kashmir Online offers a comprehensive guide on everything about Kashmir
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Snow Biking at Baby Slopes EXPLORE NOW
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The Lider River in Winters EXPLORE NOW
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The route leading to the main Devi Shrine EXPLORE NOW
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Fully formed natural Shivlinga made of ice stalagmite at Amarnath EXPLORE NOW
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A sight of Vishansar Lake EXPLORE NOW
Inhale the essence of Kashmir with KashmirOnline, a one-stop shop for all things related to the “Paradise on Earth”. It is a travel platform dedicated to offering up-to-date, reliable, and authentic information about destinations, modes of transportation, safety information, lodging, sightseeing, food, and shopping, among other things.

The website is loaded with everything you need to plan your next vacation to Kashmir. Kashmir's hidden gems will reawaken your inner explorer!



It doesn't matter what you're looking for; we've got it. Kashmir online is the first of its kind, and it's the place to go if you want to learn everything there is to know about the paradise on Earth. We bring to you Kashmir's culturally rich hues. We recognize that everyone's motivation and goal for traveling is different. Explore Kashmir based on your preferences and interests, whether it's a calm or romantic vacation, outing to a picturesque location, any adventurous or sports activity, cultural, gourmet, or spiritual endeavor.


River Rafting River rafting is an adrenaline-rushing sport, where one navigates through the rough and rapid river streams.Kashmir is dotted with vigorous rivers and deep lakes, but these water bodies serve more than a treat to the eyes.

They are the arena of one of the most challenging activities- river rafting. Gliding down the gushing icy cold waters lined by densely forested mountainous regions or still countryside fills your travel story with slashing moments....
Gandola Ride The gondola ride offers a bird’s eye view of Kashmir’s undeniable beauty. It is the most sought after activity for those who find themselves in the valley, be it families, romantic couples, or adventurous enthusiasts.

The gondola ride in Gulmarg is Asia’s highest and longest ropeway ride. Also, the second-highest and longest in the world, travellers are left bewitched by this thrilling experience...
Camping Camping needs no introduction as the craze of staying overnight in the outdoor surroundings has piqued recently. However, one can constantly redefine the camping experience, especially when the abode is none other than ‘The Paradise on Earth.’

Nature has graced Kashmir with gigantic peaks, untamed valleys, verdant meadows...
Trekking Trekking is the activity of feeling close to nature with every walking trail. When in Kashmir, the towering Himalayas present a perfect opportunity for travellers on their expedition of self-exploration to take the road less travelled.

The rugged and undulated parts of paradise on earth offer trekkers a chance to get the adrenaline rush they are always on the lookout for in the mountains of Kashmir. These treks pass through colourful meadows, pristine lakes, rolling hills, imposing glaciers, dense forests and sparkling streams framing the best vistas for the trekkers...
Skiing Snow marks the arrival of winter in Kashmir, a vale ‘where the sun shines mildly.’ And with it, the valley wraps itself into a blanket of snow, enticing skiers with its icy slopes.

In winters, the place receives heavy snowfall, and the sub-zero temperature here ensures many areas are blanketed by snow throughout the year. All this makes Kashmir a distinguished skiing destination...
Golf Golfing resonates with the greenery, vast open space and the undulating mowed lawn as vast as one can see. So naturally, it is no surprise when Kashmir - in all its lush green glory - has been crowned as an ideal spot for this great outdoor activity.

Gulmarg, a global hub for golf lovers, boasts of the world’s highest golf course (with an 18-hole golf course) in Kashmir and attracts golfers throughout the year...
Staying in Houseboats Better known as floating houses, Houseboats are stationary boats moored along the peripheries of lakes of Srinagar that blend the services of a hotel and homestay on the water. Inspired by Victorian and Turkish architectural styles, they are made of superior quality wood.

Houseboats range from being a simple one-quarter accommodation to large lavish suites...
Shikara Ride Reckoned as a cultural symbol, Shikaras are traditional Gondola type long, light rowing boats crowding the Srinagar Lakes. A captivating aspect, they are a dream come true for everyone who has been lusting for some relaxing moments amidst the spellbinding panorama of nature.

Board a Shikara, lay back and let the boatman take you away from the fuss of urban life...
As a newly married couple, we chose Kashmir as our Honeymoon destination. Feeling stuck with the lack of information we luckily stumbled upon kashmironline.com and it was truly a blessing. The website has so many options for itineraries for honeymoon with all the detailed info about the places. Thank you guys for creating this much needed information hub for us honeymooners to Kashmir. Rohan Ajmera Mumbai
Me and my friends were on a budget for a long overdue adventure trip. I never thought of Kashmir as a place for adventure tourism but Kashmironline.com definitely changed my view. There is actually so much to do, these guys have done all the hard work to get everything you need under one website.Thank you guys for creating this much needed information hub for us honeymooners to Kashmir. It is just so convenient. Samiya Khan Delhi
Post covid, I wanted to take my family of four somewhere that we can experience peace and serenity. International destinations were on the cards but after stumbling upon this website, I was hooked. The way they have detailed the info and places to visit and things to do in Kashmir, we changed our plans from an international to a national trip.The website really helped answer all our questions and made planning our trip so much easier. Anuj Saxena Bangalore
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Kashmir online is a one-stop shop for anything and everything related to Kashmir.

We are here to help you with your shopping sprees, recruiting your emergency contacts, and briefing you about health care facilities, whether it's teaching you untold stories from history, making you hear cultural echoes, or assisting you with your shopping sprees.

We bring you to heavenly romantic places in Kashmir and gorgeous destinations, guiding you to the doors of holy sites and pointing you in the direction of recreational pathways, directing you to opulent hotels and budget-friendly restaurants.