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Shuhul Resort

Shuhul Resorts, located in the Raj Bagh area of Srinagar, offers a convenient st... read more

Paisley Palace

Paisley Palace is a 3-star hotel situated in Srinagar, which is 15 km away from ... read more

Lime Wood Inn

Located in Sonwar Bagh, Lime Wood Inn is an excellent 3-star hotel choice for tr... read more

Hotel German Residency

Located near M.A Link Road, German Residency provides cosy and tastefully decora... read more

Hotel Diwan Srinagar

The Dewan is a hotel with a traditional yet modern ambience. It's located in a s... read more

Hotel City Grace

The "City Grace" Hotel offers one of the best accommodation in Srinagar city, en... read more

Heritage Luxury Srinagar

Hotel Heritage Luxury, located near Srinagar Airport, is a 3-star hotel that is ... read more

Golden Sands Srinagar

This charming property provides guests with comfortable and well-appointed rooms... read more

Royal Batoo

This charming property is nestled amidst beautiful mountains, providing guests w... read more

Royal Milad

This hotel in Srinagar offers budget-friendly accommodation options, including f... read more

Golden Leaf

HOTEL GOLDEN LEAF is a 4-star luxury hotel located near Srinagar Airport. It is ... read more

Enco Resorts

This lavish property offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains, comfort... read more

Grand Kaiser

Situated on the banks of the famous Jhelum river in Rajbagh, the Grand Kaisar Sr... read more

Hotel Meerz

Located in the Dalgate area, Hotel Meerz is a highly recommended 4-star hotel in... read more
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Apple Orchard Resort

Apple Orchard Resorts offers guests a home away from home in Kashmir with a rang... read more

Orchard Retreat and Spa

The Orchard Retreat & Spa, Srinagar is a resort located amidst a picturesque app... read more

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