Tourist Places and Sightseeing in Gulmarg

Apharwat Peak Apharwat peak, a distinctive snow crest mountain summit, is located at an elevation of 4390 meters above sea level. It is located near the Line of Control and receives significant rain and soft powdery snow, making it a great location for all Gulmarg winter activities.

It is 13 kilometers from Gulmarg and is accessible via the second segment of the Gondola ride. Make sure you have a coat on you when visiting this summit. You can bring your own or hire one from the base station. The bird's eye perspective from this region provides a spectacular panoramic view of Gulmarg.
Alpather Lake Alpather Lake is a tranquil lake located 13 kilometers from Gulmarg, at the foot of Apharwat hill. This turquoise blue lake is encircled by white snow-covered mountains, like a gem protected by an oyster.

It's covered by a canopy of fir trees and adorned with beautiful aromatic wildflowers, giving it a captivating appearance. It is also known as Frozen Lake because it looks even more enticing when it is frozen from November to mid-June.

It is a popular destination for adventurers, as well as poets and philosophers, who can partake in sports like horseback riding, trekking, and ridge climbing, while the latter can find necessary tranquility.
Gulmarg biosphere reserve Sheltering rare species of flora and fauna in the Himalayan wilderness is Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, bestowed with rich biodiversity, at 48 km distance from Srinagar. Spread over an expanse of 180 sq. km and lying at an altitude that varies between 2400 and 4300 m, the protected reserve is the home to numerous species of flora, fauna, and avifauna.

The musk deer is the primary attraction in the fauna, but you may also see Hangul, snow leopards, brown bears, black bears, red foxes, and spotted deer. The avifauna includes a significant number of native and migratory birds such as the griffon vulture, monal, snow cock, koalas, blue rock pigeon, Kashmiri roller, European hoopoe, and jungle crow.

A visit to the Gulmarg biosphere reserve should be on your bucket list if you want to discover the Himalayan environment. While the months of September to March are ideal for spotting mammals, the months of March to May are ideal for bird watching.
Ferozepur Nallah Cuddled between the picturesque Chinamarg and Nupur pass is a beautiful valley in the lap of which Ferozepur Nallah flows. This crystal pure mountain stream is also known as Shinmahinyu because of its snow-white beauty (snowman).

The mountain stream flows down from Ferozepur Peak, and the water is so pure that locals drink it directly. Many people believe it is blessed by the spirits of the mountains.

It's a popular site for trout fishing and angling because it's a freshwater stream. It flows down to Waters Meet, where it meets with the Bahan River. The streamside is so beautiful that it's a popular area for photographers to shoot postcard photos. The greatest time to visit this bit of heaven is from March to May, when the fishing season is in full swing.
Ningle Nallah Ningle Nallah is a mountain stream generated by the melting ice of Apharwat Peak and Alpather Lake, located 10 kilometers from Gulmarg.

On all four sides, Ningle Nallah is surrounded by snowy peaks and lush flora, providing an attractive panorama. The stream joins the Jhelum river once it has run its course.

With rolling green fields blanketed by bushes of exotic flowers and a mountain stream gushing nearby, the site is great for camping and picnics.
Café Igloo The year 2020 saw an addition to the list of firsts, credited to Gulmarg, as Kashmir's first-ever igloo cafè was set up for tourists. The café, established by Waseem Shah, the owner of Kolahoi Green Heights, is located 20 meters from the base of Gondola, near the foothills of Apharwat mountain.

Inside the Igloo Café, tables made of snow are placed towards the wall. A master centerpiece occupies the middle of the café, made of snow. The igloo also houses some snow sculptures that represent Kashmiri culture. Colorful crockery offsets the icy interiors, while the seats have sheepskin-style rugs casually thrown over for a rustic look.

This igloo-shaped cafe, measuring 22 feet in diameter 12.5 feet in height from inside, is spacious enough to accommodate four tables with sixteen guests at any time. The menu includes a welcome hot drink like kehwa, chicken and mutton tikka appetizers, and formal vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. One ought not to miss a seasonal attraction if they plan to visit Gulmarg in winter.
Khilanmarg Khilanmarg is a mini valley located 6 km away from Gulmarg. It changes with the seasons, almost like a fairytale realm. In the summer, when the sun shines brightly, big fragrant flowers bloom. With white, pink, and orange flowers set against the emerald, there is a splash of color everywhere.

When winter arrives, the valley is blanketed with snow and appears to be a frozen wonderland straight out of a Walt Disney film. Aside from that, Khilanmarg provides a captivating view of the massive Himalayas, stretching from Nanga Parbat to the pinnacles of Nun and Kun.

Because it is not directly accessible by vehicle, one must either trek from Gulmarg or hire a pony to get here; however, the effort is well worth it.
Children’s Park In the year 2020, Gulmarg added to its list of firsts when it opened Kashmir's first-ever igloo cafè for tourists. Waseem Shah, the proprietor of Kolahoi Green Heights, opened the café 20 meters from the Gondola's base, near the Apharwat mountain's foothills.

Tables made of snow are arranged against the wall within the Igloo Café. The café's main attraction is a snow-covered centerpiece. Snow sculptures representing Kashmiri culture are also housed in the igloo. Colorful tableware contrasts with the chilly decor, and sheepskin-style rugs are casually tossed over the seats for a rustic effect.

This igloo-shaped cafe, with a diameter of 22 feet and a height of 12.5 feet from the inside, can seat four tables with sixteen people at any time. A welcoming hot drink like kehwa, chicken and mutton tikka appetizers, and formal vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are all on the menu. If you're visiting Gulmarg in the winter, make sure you don't miss out on a seasonal attraction.
Strawberry valley
Strawberry valley Strawberry Valley is a hidden gem in Gulmarg, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This lesser-known greenspace produces red-budding strawberries that resemble a ruby-studded green carpet. Summer is the greatest time to go. With clear sky overhead, one can take a stroll across the valley while sampling the finest and most luscious strawberries.
Seven Springs Seven Springs, also known as Sadhdhara, is a watercourse located on a foothill near Kongdoori. This stream is well-known for having seven distinct outlets. It's a popular tourist site in Gulmarg because of its breathtaking views.