Important Events and Festivals of Gulmarg, Kashmir

Witness the Khelo India Winter games: Kashmir has played host to national winter games in 1998, 2004, and 2008. After a lull of twelve years, it held the first edition of national-level multidisciplinary grassroots winter games of India called the Khelo India Winter Games. It was such a success that it had the second edition and will host the third edition.

The main sports activities, which are the hallmark of these games, take place for five days including snowshoe races, ice skating, ice hockey, skiing, Nordic ski, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, ice stock, etc.
Whopping Winter Carnival In February, the Winter Carnival, also known as the Winter Music and Adventure Festival, is a snow festival that appeals to all ages and has been hosted yearly at the Gondola base station under the supervision of the Tourism Ministry since 2003.

The festival is an extravaganza of music, short film and movie screenings, dance, photography, snow sculpting, and winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc.
Cheerful Christmas Celebrations: At St Mary's Church, the Director of Tourism conducts Christmas Eve celebrations. The church is decked with Merry Christmas-themed buntings, flags, balloons, and numerous banners for this occasion, giving it a festive appearance. Participants come from various faiths and areas of life to take part in the celebration.
Making noise for the New Year Gulmarg welcomes New Year's Eve with a bang. The festivities are held at the Golf Club and continue for the entire night. Attendees and tourists are enthralled by various events such as night skiing, all-night dances, and DJ parties.

The DJ calls for a countdown as the clock approaches 12 a.m., and the crowd joins in, their voices reverberating in the mountains, bringing them to life. When it's 12 a.m., firework displays, energize the entire town turning the event into a fiery bash.