Vegetarian Dishes


The Kashmiri word haakh means 'greens' in English. 'Monjii Haakh' (kohlrabi greens), 'Mujj Haakh' (radish greens), 'Vopal Haakh' (dry greens), and 'Vaste Haakh' are some of the numerous types of 'Haakh' found in Kashmiri cuisine (amaranth greens).

However, for centuries, 'Collard Greens,' also known as Haakh, have been a mainstay in every Kashmiri family. Even though it is a simple meal, it has a complex flavor. Collard greens are cooked with garlic and chilies in the traditional haakh meal. This equates to a delectable treat for your fingers.

Meat, poultry, eggs, cottage cheese, and lotus stems (Nadru) are used to enhance the flavor of Haakh. Haakh is wonderful in any form, whether served alone or in a combination with other foods. Haakh is more than simply food; it's also a symbol of Kashmiri culture, as it's mentioned in poetry and idioms in the region. As a result, 'Haakh Rus' (Haakh Broth) is inextricably linked to the lives of Kashmiris.


Lotus stems are referred to as "nadru" in Kashmiri, and are a popular vegetable in Kashmiri cuisine. Despite the fact that Kashmiris are mutton connoisseurs, they also enjoy nadru. Nadru has a unique earthy fibrous flavor that distinguishes it from other vegetables.

Nadru is consumed in a variety of ways in Kashmir, including 'Nader Monje' (a popular street meal), 'Nader Palak' (a lotus stem-spinach curry), 'Nader Dal' (a lotus stem-lentil soup), and 'Nader Yakhni' (a lotus stem-lentil soup) (traditional yoghurt dish where it is used as the main item instead of mutton). As a result, Nadru is a common vegetable that adds a porous, chewy texture and a nice flavor to many Kashmiri recipes.

Dum Olav

The Kashmiri equivalent of the pan-Indian dish Dum Aalo is Dum Olav. Dum Olav has a captivating perfume and creates excellent comfort food. It's made with young potatoes, yoghurt, ginger powder, fennel, and other hot spices. The Kashmiri Dum Aloo is the most sought-after of all the Indian Dum Aloo variations.

Lyader Tschaman

Whoever stated Kashmiri cuisine caters to non-vegetarians may not have heard of 'Lyader Tchaman,' a Kashmiri delicacy. Chaman, or Kashmiri cottage cheese, is made with onion, tomatoes, cream, and a perfect blend of spices such as turmeric, cardamom, fennel powder, and dried ginger powder. We end up with a rich, creamy, mouthwatering cheese curry that is simply delicious at the end of the cooking procedure.