Top 10 Trekking Points In Jammu And Kashmir

This tranquil blend of green valleys, vibrant meadows, and shimmering mountain lakes nestled between the mighty Himalayan mountains is heavenly.

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One of India’s most well-liked tourist destinations, Jammu and Kashmir, is the setting for several adventures. The Himalayas, prominent in northern India, are a great place to indulge your sense of adventure. Because of the alluring Himalayas, the mountains in Jammu and Kashmir are well-known for thrilling adventure pursuits like mountain climbing.

The trekking places in Jammu And Kashmir are mesmerizing excursions that help you achieve your adventurous goals while infusing you with the peace of nature. It’s just too overwhelming to take in this serene mix of lush valleys, colourful meadows, and glistening mountain lakes between majestic Himalayan mountains. Moreover, Kashmir has some of the best trekking routes in the world. Let’s give you a brief overview of some of the fascinating trekking points in Jammu and Kashmir.

1. Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek

Clear waters and serene aura of Tarsar Lake. Picture Source: Shutterstock

One of the many lakes that dot the Aru valley and are known for its stunning beauty is Marsar Lake, an alpine lake in Aru Valley, Pahalgam. The lake is separated from Tarsar Lake, another lake of the same type, by a mountain with a minimum peak elevation of 4,000 meters. Because of their proximity and comparable physical characteristics, the two lakes are frequently known as the twin sisters and are one of the finest Pahalgam trekking spots in Kashmir.

The Tarsar Marsar lake trek surrounds you with the most splendid meadows. Trekking in Kashmir’s Tarsar Marsar is a lovely experience owing to the lush grasslands and the alluring backdrop of the Kashmiri mountain, Kolahoi. You can unwind amid the twin lakes and their clear waters. It is the perfect location for a peaceful excursion into the mountains to enjoy the serene sight of the tremendous Himalayas.

2. Tulian Lake Trek

Stunning turquoise waters of Lake Tulian. Picture Source: Shutterstock

Tulian Lake is located at an altitude of 3,684 meters in Pahalgam. It is a popular tourist destination. Tulian Lake is a stunning lake with a turquoise colour and is in the shape of the number eight. It is situated between the Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges. The lake frequently has large ice floes floating on top of it. The majestic snow-capped mountains surround Tulian Lake on three sides. Its lush valleys, steep slopes, and occasionally thrilling and unsteady terrain make it one of Pahalgam’s trekking hotspots.

Tulian Lake Trek is a moderate-level walk, but people unfamiliar with the terrain in Kashmir should prepare beforehand with the right equipment and physical conditioning. Trekkers should travel with a local guide who has experience because navigation and the weather are two of the more challenging aspects of the route. Despite the terrain challenges, the outcomes are satisfying, offering spectacular and picturesque location vistas.

3. Thajiwas Glacier Trek

The splendid view of Thajiwas Glacier from a distance. Picture Source: TourMyIndia

The spectacular Thajiwas Glacier, 3 kilometres from Sonamarg and 3000 meters above sea level, is one of the best glaciers for trekking in Kashmir. The stroll is a calming short hike that adds to Sonamarg’s appeal. Jammu & Kashmir considers this trekking journey a gem because it appeals to both outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Thajiwas is a famous Kashmir hiking destination in Sonamarg due to its perpetually snow-covered scenery.

Families looking for a summer holiday hot spot that may offer little snow sport activities and nature-bound calm frequently turn to this conveniently located place as an alternative. Landscapes of grazing meadows, rich pine forests, glittering lakes, and flowing streams are highlights of the trek from Sonamarg to Thajiwas glacier. Visitors can find it exciting to engage in local conversations. It is an easy walk that only needs proper clothing, shoes, and a camera to capture its breathtaking vistas because of how accessible it is.

4. Naranag Gangabal Mahlish Trek

A perfect spot for overnight camping. Picture Source: KashmirAlpineLakesTrek

Naranag Mahlish Trek is the only trek in Kashmir with a clear return route that is open throughout most of the year. From Narang, the track continues through the pine forests of Butsheri and Bodpathri before descending gently to Trunkhol. After Trunkhol, hikers sleep overnight close to Gangabal Lake, one of the twin alpine lakes at the foothills of Mount Haramuk and the first freshwater source in the area.

To further the route, hikers stroll across the emerald-green meadows to reach Kolesar before reaching the Mahlish for an overnight camping excursion. It is a serene setting with an uninterrupted view of the starry sky. In addition to providing a stunning perspective of the Sindh valley, the easy-to-moderate Naranag trek offers a magnificent glimpse of the Himalayas.

5. Mount Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi Glacier, the source of comfort. Picture Source: Himalayan Wonders

Kolahoi Glacier is a valley glacier in the northwest Himalayan Range in Jammu and Kashmir. It is 26 kilometres north of Pahalgam and 16 kilometres south of Sonamarg. The residents of Anantnag revere this glacier as the “Lady of Light” due to its all-year-round availability of water, often used for drinking and cultivation.

Large rivers like the Lidder River receive water from the Kolahoi Glacier before it empties into the Jhelum River. With its unspoiled paths, flower-covered meadows, and clear high-altitude lakes, the Kolahoi Glacier hike perfectly captures Kashmir’s charm. Trekkers can appreciate nature’s true majesty while on the route. All trekkers should take advantage of this opportunity to explore Kashmir’s spectacular natural beauty on this easy-to-moderate stroll.

6. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The unforgettable seven lakes trek, Kashmir. Picture Source: Indianhikes

At the height of 13,850ft, there are six alpine lakes – Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangabal, and Nundkol, spread across various valleys. The journey starts from Dal Lake in Srinagar. Therefore the seven lakes trek Kashmir is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Kashmiri mountains and lakes. With snow-capped mountains, lush meadows, gushing streams, natural north-western Himalayan flora and wildlife, breathtaking panoramas, and sparkling glaciers, this journey offers everything a hiker could desire.

Kashmir’s Great Lakes are a visual feast for every nature lover because of their seemingly astounding and unaltered beauty. This trek is well-known among frequent trekkers for its splendid view of valleys, challenging passes, and terrain types. Gadsar Lake is known as the Valley of Flowers in Kashmir. In its high mountains and soothing environment, the hikers can witness trout and other fish in their natural habitat.

7. Gulmarg Trek

The perfect summer vibes of Khilanmarg in Gulmarg. Picture Source: Go Gulmarg || Adventures

At the height of 2,730 meters and 56 kilometres southwest of Srinagar lies the valley of Gulmarg, a sizable meadow covering roughly 3 square kilometres. The name translates to “Meadow of Flowers,” which accurately describes the springtime landscape, a rolling meadow strewn with a profusion of vibrant Bluebells, Daisies, Forget-Me-Nots, and buttercups.

The northern Pir Panjal Range’s Gulmarg is a fantastic point for trekking in Kashmir. At Gulmarg, there are countless options for adventure freaks. Alapther Lake, Khilanmarg, and Apharwat are the three famous Gulmarg trek routes. Professional hikers love to follow the valley up to the majestic Pir Panjal. The terrain in these areas can be difficult for beginners, therefore, don’t forget to hire a local guide.

8. Markha Valley Trek

Experience the exceptional hiking journey with Markha Valley in Ladakh. Picture Source: Thrillophilia

The Markha Valley Trek is one of the most spectacular treks in Jammu and Kashmir. You can walk into the deep lovely valleys in the region. You can go to the given site during the winter and witness the icy charm of the valley. The area is close to Leh, and there you can also learn about the way of life of those who live there and experience what it’s like to live like a local in Ladakh.

You can get a similar understanding of the way of life that people in the Markha Valley lead and learn in-depth facts about nature. Only at the location where you can see them will you be able to see some specific residences. You can go on the Markha Valley Trek if you enjoy hiking. The Markha Valley Hike includes between 40 and 50 dwellings, and you can also witness a small oasis of vegetation and get a close-up glimpse of the lifeless patch of land in Ladakh.

9. Chadar Trek

Frozen Chadar of snow in Zanskar River. Picture Source: Travel Triangle

Due to its distinctiveness, the location is well-known for trekking in Kashmir for its challenging trek. Because it is in Ladakh and offers trekking on the frozen Zanskar River, people visit it very often. Many people enjoy going to Chadar Trek because it allows them to observe the breathtaking vistas of nature from a different perspective.

You can go trekking on the snowy sheet, also known as Chadar, which has the shape of a river. One can hire some guides to take you on a walk and provide instructions for the location. You can observe the beauty of the region and also take beautiful pictures. The bubbles of ice are visible, which is quite fascinating to witness. You may also experience the ice waterfalls and sip premium tea while trekking.

10. Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri is the epitome of beauty and majesty. Picture Source: Memorable India

Stok Kangri is one of the world’s tallest trekkable mountains in Jammu and Kashmir. Its elevation of 20,100 feet puts it above the tallest European mountain Elbrus, 18,510 feet high, and the African mountain, Kilimanjaro. It is, without a doubt, India’s crown jewel and surpasses two of the highest mountains on two distinct continents.

The summit day of the Stok Kangri journey presents the only difficulty, requiring you to endure sub-zero conditions, trek on a glacier for 6-7 hours at night, and walk along the ridgeline for roughly two hours to reach the summit. Although Stok Kangri doesn’t require prior technical knowledge, it is not for novices. The vista is worth the arduous climb to the top of Stok Kangri. Once you reach the Stok Summit, you can see both the Zanskar and Karakoram ranges. Every ardent trekker desires to participate in the Stok Kangri expedition, a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Kashmir Trekking Packages

For its distinctive seasons, Kashmir provides a variety of outdoor pursuits as well as picturesque treks. Whether you want to go on foot, by horseback, or for long or short day hikes, family or winter treks, alpine skiing, landscape photography, sightseeing tours, camping, or fly fishing, you can contact us to create an appropriate trekking itinerary for you depending upon your budget and choice. For budget-conscious travellers, the trekking companies also organize small-group treks that offer the option to sign up for the group Kashmir trekking packages and thus help them save money.

Kashmir also features a variety of tourist locations in addition to a range of trekking options. Trekkers can also extend their journeys by learning about the local myths and stories and exploring the Kashmir valley and its inhabitants. You can also discover charming, up-to-date cities with a hint of historic architecture.

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