5 Best Adventure Activities in Kashmir for Adventure Junkies-Part 2

Visit these locations in the Valley for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Along with the unflinching beauty of nature, the Kashmir valley has developed into a complete alley of adventurous pursuits like adventure camping, safari tours, hiking, and trekking. The number of daring tourists visiting the valley has gradually increased. The northern Himalayan ranges have long been a popular destination for trekkers seeking adventure. The region of Jammu and Kashmir is well-known for its snow-covered mountains, chilly climate, cool water cascading down streams, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises, among other things. Here is a fresh opportunity for anyone who genuinely appreciates adventure activities. Here is a list of the best adventure activities in Kashmir.


Have you ever heard of the land of beyond, that dreams at the gates of the day? Alluring it lies at the skirts of the skies, and ever so far away. Picture Source: ytimg by Salahuddin Ahmad.

One of the most magnificent locations close to Pahalgam is the tranquil Baisaran Meadow. This peaceful meadow, in its natural setting, is encircled by thick forests and is situated 6 km from Pahalgam. The location offers zorbing, a thrilling and enjoyable pastime quite well-liked by tourists. Tourists adore participating in it because it is among the most entertaining outdoor activities in Pahalgam. Zorbing is enjoyable for adventure-loving junkies. And when it is an adventure activity, Kashmir is offering you the best adventure activities you will never forget.

Safari Tours

Colourful birds chirp in green forests. The land of santoor welcomes you, to take in the breathtaking beauty! A glimpse of heaven revealed. Picture Source:  greaterkashmir

The Himalayan region of Kashmir is home to many endangered and uncommon animal species, including the exotic snow leopard and the Kashmir stag. The City Forest National Park (now a golf course), the renowned Dachigam National Park, the Brain-Nishat Conservation Reserve, the Khimber/Dara/Sharazbal Conservation Reserve, and the Hokera Wetland Reserve are among the protected places in Srinagar. City Forest National Park houses wildlife species like musk deer, hangul, Himalayan black bear, and leopard and the Himalayan 70 bird species like the paradise flycatcher, Himalayan monal and the Himalayan snowcock. When doing a safari tour in Srinagar, the Dachigam National Park is a fantastic destination

Adventure Camping

Mountains of amethyst appear through filmy veils, and the soft air weaves. The valley of tall, dark pine trees, of a solemn loom, dusted in powdery white! Picture Source: nativeplanet

Adventure seekers can engage in different outdoor activities in Kashmir’s stunning valleys, meadows, and lakes. One of the best activities in Kashmir that families may do while on vacation is camping at some of the most well-known tourist destinations. There are many opportunities for campers and adventure seekers in the Kashmir region, which stretches from the golden meadows of Sonamarg and the gorgeous valley of Pahalgam to the Great Lakes amid towering Himalayan hills. Along with trekkers, family vacationers may enjoy camping in the valley with their children.

Hot Air Ballooning

Scintillating Colours, bedewed the atmosphere In a lush orange squash, a Rush of pomegranate reds, and a spread of fiery hot saffron threads. Picture Source: cloudinary

The hot air balloon ride is unquestionably intended for you if you’re an adventure junkie looking to try out novel things and aren’t afraid of heights. On a clear morning, one could enjoy the stunning sight of steep mountain ranges in the distance. The demand for hot air ballooning is growing, much like paragliding. Your desire to linger longer in this Paradise on Earth will be piqued by the hypnotic view of the deep valleys, snow-capped mountain ranges, milky-white streams, and those distinctive slope-roofed cottages from the summit. At Zabarwan Park in Srinagar, hot air balloon rides are accessible. It offers stunning views of Dal Lake, Zabarwan Park, and Srinagar.

Horse Riding

The valley of green meadows, and the mountain streams flow with sweet sounds amidst the grasslands. Picture Source: tourmyindia

One of the best ways to discover Kashmir’s picturesque scenery and mountain passes is by horseback. It would be amazing to imagine riding a horse across Kashmir’s paths and mild slopes. Horses are readily available for hiring around Kashmir. If you need help finding a horse to rent so you may go riding, contact the hotel travel helpdesk. You can use horses to transport your gear and luggage to the Kashmiri highlands if you’re trekking there. The best horses are available in Gulmarg and Pahalgam.

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