Best Adventures Places in Kashmir For The Daring Souls

Head out to these places in the Valley for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Are you ready for a sense of adventure? From rafting strong currents, trekking miles of rough terrain, or soaring high in the sky, experiences of adventures are a lifetime’s treasure. It not only rejuvenates the soul but allows the timid dream to become a daring reality. For the Bravehearts, adventure lies in braving the rapids of rivers, reaching the summit, or feeling the wind in their hair. And so, anyone seeking the best spots to etch a lifetime memory should head out to these places in the Valley. Adventure, after all, is taking a step towards a journey we never set foot on. With endless adventures in Kashmir, enjoy the best of your life by living your dream. Here are the best adventure places to visit in Kashmir.

Gulmarg for Skiing and Snowboarding 

Pump yourself up for a day on the snowy slopes. Image: Shutterstock

Gulmarg tops as the preferred choice of daredevils for extreme winter sports. During winter, the Valley draped in snow gives way to icy slopes. Adventure enthusiasts arrive here to ski down the slopes from Apharwat peak. Arriving at Apharwat peak is in itself an adventure by taking Asia’s second-highest cable car ride – Gondola! Gulmarg Gondola brings thrill-seekers to the top of Apharwat peak in its second phase. Only experts and professionals can ski and snowboard from the highest summit. Even then, it is advised to perform those activities under the guidance of an instructor.

Sonamarg for the Trekking Expedition 

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a delight as soon as it begins. Image: Shutterstock

Trekking to a destination is fun, but here in Sonamarg, it doesn’t end with just making it to one spot, for there exists a series of lakes to triumph one after another. Sonamarg’s Seven Alpine Lakes is a trekker’s paradise. Famous as Kashmir Great Lakes, it is the most fascinating trek of the Indian Himalayas. The heavenly view from the top of these alpine lakes is breathtakingly beautiful. Besides, the hike comes with camping and activities such as trout fishing. Moreover, you can also trek the mountain glacier of Sonamarg – Thajiwas Glacier.

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Chandanwari for the arduous trek of Amarnath Yatra

Pilgrim en route to the Holy Cave of Amarnath. Image: Shutterstock

Religious pilgrimage accounts for most visited tourists to a place. And when it is Jammu & Kashmir, thousands of visitors flock to the Supreme Goddess in Katra, Jammu and the annual pilgrimage Yatra of Amarnath in Kashmir. The track to reach the Holy Cave of Amarnath is full of perils and unforeseen natural calamities. Yet, every year, devotees register themselves to reach via the traditional route of Chandanwari. Chandanwari serves as the base camp for the course, approximately 47 km from the main Cave. If you love to trek, consider taking the journey of faith. 

Pahalgam for the River Rafting

Brave the waves and safely manoeuvre through the rapid flow of water. Image: Shutterstock

No matter where you head in the Valley of Shepherd, the most common denominator you will find here is River Lidder. Besides sustaining most of the life in Pahalgam, the river is also famous for offering innumerable adventure activities. The most thrilling of them is River Rafting, ranging from Grade II to IV, thus offering three levels of difficulties for rafters. From beginners to experts, they can brave the Lidder waves choosing from joy rides (2.5km), long rides (5km) and extra long rides (up to 8 km).

Astanmarg for the Paragliding

Soar high into the sky overlooking the unsurpassable beauty of Kashmir. Image: Tomas Sobek/Unsplash

If you love the adventure of flying high in the sky, the sport of flying parachutes is for you. The paradise of paragliding starts just an hour’s drive from Srinagar. The drive to Astanmarg passes through Dachigam National Park, where you can stop by for wildlife safaris, no less than an adventure in itself if you are fond of faunas. The top view of Astanmarg hill is famous for offering a bird’s eye view of Srinagar’s unfathomable beauty. From Mughal Gardens to the dazzling Dal Lake and the overlooking mountains, the adventure of paragliding surprises all.

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