Most Amazing Kashmiri Dishes for Extreme Delight

Relish your taste buds with these delicious and sumptuous Kashmiri dishes.

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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and its cuisine is no less than splendid. The best Kashmiri dishes are a perfect blend of aromatic spices, fresh vegetables, and succulent meats that come together to create mouth-watering dishes that are irresistible. From Kababs to Gushtaab and Dum Aalo to Pulao, there is a Kashmiri dish to suit every palate. And if you are looking for something unique and exotic, you can try the much-loved Kashmiri mutton Goshtaba, Rista and Kababs, which are sumptuous delicacies for any meat lover. So, if you’re planning a trip to Kashmir or looking to try something new, be sure to check out these amazing Kashmiri mouth-watering dishes.


Get your taste buds going with the unique taste of Rista. Picture Source: Pinterest

Given Kashmiris’ love of meat, it should come as no surprise that their menu features a large number of non-vegetarian dishes. Goshtaba, a dish made with minced balled mutton stewed in yoghurt and spices, is a royal delicacy for the people of Kashmir. Its taste is so unique that you can’t stop yourself from eating more.

Rogan Josh

Let every inexplicable bit of Rogan Josh touch the heart of your taste buds. Picture Source: Gstatica

One of Kashmir’s most famous meals, Rogan Josh is a fragrant lamb curry that everyone should try, especially mutton aficionados. Rogan Josh, which is at the top of the list of Kashmir’s most popular foods, has become more well-known worldwide because, besides being healthful, it also boasts a unique flavour that entices the palate.

Tabakh Maaz

Tabakh Maaz is the product made by heart with an effort to make it true to the taste buds. Picture Source: Ytimg

Tabak Maaz is a traditional Wazwan product made from the ribs of lamb/mutton meat. The main ingredients added during cooking are cardamom, fennel, dried ginger, and desi ghee. The cooked chunks’ bones get removed, and the meat pieces are shallow-fried in desi ghee for a long time to produce the dish’s final texture and crispiness.

Maaz Yakhni

A menu without Maaz Yakhni is like a postcard without an address: Picture Source: bigseventravel

Maaz Yakhni, another well-known dish from Kashmir, is cooked with mutton in a yoghurt gravy and is a real treat for mutton fans. The special taste of this well-known Kashmiri dish comes from the unique taste of traditional Kashmiri spices, mint leaves, and onion sauce. It is well-known in Kashmiri cuisine and culture. If you smell fennel plus black and green cardamoms, you’ll get hungry right away. Serve rice with this delicious Kashmiri dish.

Aab Gosh

Aab Gosh is what makes your taste buds want more. Picture Source: Yimg

Aab Gosh is one of the most well-known dishes in Kashmiri cuisine and is another delicious treat for lovers of mutton. The mutton is prepared by cooking it in milk and spices, producing tasty, luscious meat that pulls away from the bone. After tasting this, you won’t remember any other mutton dishes. Enjoy it with well-prepared saffron rice. This dish is an integral part of festivals and family gatherings.

Seekh Kabab

The perfect dessert is like Seekh Kabab which makes one’s taste buds dance. Picture Source: Hamiast

One of the most well-known meat dishes in Kashmiri cuisine is Kashmiri Seekh Kebab. You can eat it with rice or bread as a snack, appetiser, or supper. Seekh Kebab is famous all over the world thanks to its excellent flavour and aromatic aroma. The Kashmiri Seekh Kebabs are a particular mutton recipe that is grilled over skewers while being flavoured with traditional Kashmiri spices and condiments.


Rista has the potential to burst your taste buds like the  fountain. Picture Source: Ytimg

Another essential food from Kashmir is Rista, which is served as part of the intricate, multi-course cuisine. The famous Kashmiri Wazwaan is known for serving the saffron-flavoured Rista, a meal of mutton meatballs in a mild red make Rista, the Waza (chef) pounds the lamb, fat, and spices into a paste, from which they make meatballs. You will forget every other dish while you taste this delicacy.

Dum Aalo

Dum Aalo is what you want more after every single bite. Picture Source: Whiskaffair

Kashmiri cuisine offers delicious vegetarian dishes too. Dum Aalo is one among them. It is also known as Kashmiri Shahi Potato Curry and is made using baby potatoes. Curd and spices like cardamom, ginger, garlic, cumin powder, fennel powder and cardamom powder give it a wonderful flavour. And set it apart from other curd-based Aalo dishes, even while curd provides the creamy base.

Kashmiri Rajma

Kashmiri Rajma is like love at first sight. Picture Source: Blogspot

A delicious Rajma dish cooked with Kashmir’s exotic spices is worth trying. The taste of Kashmiri kidney beans is beyond comparison and a real treat for the taste buds. It is a spicy and tasty dish, highly famous in North India. As one of Kashmir’s most popular vegetarian cuisines, Kashmiri Rajma is a spicy and delicious curry-based recipe you can serve for lunch or dinner.

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