Best Things to Buy in Kashmir: Guide for Shopaholics

Make your memories everlasting with these beautiful souvenirs.

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Kashmir is known for its unique souvenirs and handicrafts. Kashmiri art is popular for its unique artistic flair and grandeur, throughout the world. There is always something there for you when you go anywhere. You always choose an item that is special and specific to the location. Travel-related memory that will stay indelible in your heart is shopping. Consequently, shopping becomes a crucial component of your trip. If you intend to go to Kashmir, you should also be aware of the well-known souvenirs you should purchase to commemorate your trip. Stay on to know more about the best things to buy in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Shawl

A symbol of luxury and excellence crafted with the love and warmth of Kashmiri artisans. Picture Source:  pinimg

The shawl is one of the must-have products on the shopping list in Kashmir. The artisans use Three types of fibres, Shahtoosh, Pashmina, and wool to make shawls. The woollen shawls are generally within your means. The Shahtoosh shawls are an expensive purchase, but they are unquestionably worthwhile. The woollen shawls have distinctive Kashmiri embroidery. The smoothness of pashmina shawls makes them popular all around the world. Ibex wool from Ladakh is used to make these shawls. Due to their rarity, pashmina shawls are expensive

Kashmiri willow bats

Kashmiri willow bat is best in terms of durability, weight, texture, colour and price. Picture source: kashmirpatriot

If you love to play cricket, you should check out the wide selection of Kashmir willow bats. Excellent grip and light pick-up characterise these bats. Even though these bats are cheap, much more time and work are put into making them. The willow utilised in the production of cricket bats comes from two significant locations in the world: England and Kashmir. While willow from England is seen as being of the highest quality, willow bats from Kashmir are more affordable than those from Britain but are also heavier since their raw material is heavier.

Kashmiri saffron

World’s most expensive spice with unmatched quality, purity, and benefits. Picture Source: jagranjosh

One of the most costly spices in the world is saffron from Kashmir. It comes from the Kashmir Valley and has a distinct flavour that is unmatched by any other spice. The highest quality Kashmiri saffron has numerous therapeutic benefits, including those for depression and pregnancy. Frequently, doctors advise using saffron when pregnant. Saffron is grown with the help of a lot of labourers. From One acre of land, just 5 to 7 pounds of saffron are harvested. The strands are long and gorgeous, and it is a deep shade of red. The quality of saffron from Kashmir is quite difficult to find anywhere else.

Paper Mache products

Paper Mache is the art of magical touch, created out of nothing. Picture Source: yehaindia

Paper Mache is an art form that involves transforming waste paper into the most exquisite decorative items. It is a composite product made of paper pulp that has been pummeled with a bonding solution. The material is then shaped as needed, left to dry, and painted. At the time, this Kashmiri creation was praised and loved for its beauty and originality. On your vacation to Kashmir, you can purchase some gorgeous products made of paper mache, such as boxes, flower vases, coaster sets, and other decorative objects.

Kashmiri dry fruits

Kashmiri fruits are widely known for their superior quality and taste. Picture Source: cdn.shopify

Premium-grade dried organic fruits are available at Kashmir Market. These include superfine Kashmiri almonds, superior quality fresh abjosh dry munakka, premium dried apricots, walnuts figs and others. Apricots are wonderful organic foods that are fragrant and flavorful. The natural product, which has a slight bitterness, is available in many cuisines. Kashmiri walnuts are delicious in oil quantity and they are very tasty. You can’t find any walnut that can beat the quality and taste of Kashmiri walnuts. All the dry fruits available in Kashmir are of Unmatchable quality.

Copper items

Carved with love by the artisans, copperware is called traam in Kashmiri. Picture Source:  kashmirwholesalebaza

In Kashmir, coppersmiths have mastered creating incredibly elaborate and traditional motifs just using hammers and chisels. The copper-work of Srinagar is arguably the most efficient and offers the best value for the money. Samovars, bowls, plates, and trays are examples of household items that craftspeople may engrave. The weight and size both affect how much the item costs. It is said that drinking water that has been preserved in a copper container is good for one’s health. This Kashmiri copper kettle will impress your guests and improve the mood of your dining table.

Crewel work

Take the happiness you can, even if it’s only a little. Picture Source:  sc04

Crewel embroidery is an intriguing form of needlework that is commonly done with thin wool thread on linen or cotton cloth. Unlike silk or cotton embroidery, crewel work has a different texture. Crewel is a specific type of needlework done with a pointed hook used for upholstery and drapery. Crewel embroidered material is popular in the export market. It appeals to those who value beauty and aesthetic expression everywhere in the globe. Crewel items are particularly well-liked in the local market. Designs come in many colours, from embroidery with only one colour to embroidery with many colours.

Kashmiri spices

Kashmiri spices, the secret behind the sumptuous waazwaan. Picture Source: travelinntours

The mouthwatering Kashmiri food, which is well-known among food snobs, is made with spices that are found in Kashmir. A must-buy in J&K, there is a wide variety of spices that enhance the genuine Kashmiri flavour in foods. Traditional ingredients used in the cuisine of the Kashmir Valley region include Kashmiri red chilli powder shahi jeera and others. The authentic cuisine of Kashmir is moderate in flavour and distinguishable by the depth of flavour it achieves through the use of various spices. Other spices grown exclusively in the valley are shahi jeera, praan, and zereshk.

Kashmiri carpets

Kashmiri hand-woven rugs are of the most exquisite quality in the world. Picture Source: kashmirwholesalebazr

The Kashmiri carpets are well-known worldwide. They are hand-made and knotted rather than tufted. The art of carpet weaving is not native to Kashmir; it arrived there from Persia. Even today, local variants of Persian motifs can be seen in carpet designs. A carpet can be distinguished from other carpets by its colour, pattern, and other features. While we’re talking about colour, it’s imperative to know that, despite being softer and more muted than those found elsewhere in the nation, chemical dyes are the only ones used in Kashmiri carpets. The knotting of the carpet is its most crucial component, as it determines its value and longevity.

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