Know What and How to Pack Light and Right for a Quick Weekend Getaway

Excel at the weekend packing list to make your city break fun-filled.

Blog Home | Surbhi Mishra | 09-09-2022

Planning a trip is not as hectic as deciding what to pack. And when it is a short-break trip, a quick weekend getaway to breathe some fresh air, more so the reason to pack light and right. Just throw a few good clothes, and you are all set for the weekend trip. But the less there is to pack, the more you need to be mindful of what essentials you might be missing. 

And stuffing our luggage with all you could think of would be ridiculous for a weekend trip. Learn the art of minimalist packing. From picking the right bag to packing in layers, from checking the weather forecast to deciding the place to go based on the season, choices differ by and large. However, a few essentials are always handy and must be taken with you no matter the occasion. 

Replace your briefcase with a backpack and make your weekend trip an easy-to-navigate adventure by carrying the basics for a couple of days.

1. Packing cubes

Packing cubes come in various shapes and sizes. Image: Conde Nast Traveler

If you’re tired of re-packing your luggage every time you pick out something from a lost & found bag, it’s time for packing pods. They help you organise your stuff so you know where to look for what. They’re lightweight, save space, plus efficiently manage all your belongings. 

2. Footwear 

Get a confident gait with comfortable travel shoes. Image: JESHOOTS.COM/Unsplash

A pair of comfy shoes are best to disembark to places wherever your heart fancies. However, if you are going for a trekking expedition, you should consider taking hiking shoes. Also, keep slippers or extra flip-flops for a more comfortable walk around the corridors of hotels or your choice of homestay for a quick trip to and fro.  

3. Clothing 

Pack comfortable wear for your weekend trip. Image: Angela Bailey/Unsplash

Keep two to three pairs of Tops, T-shirts and Undergarments. It should be quick and simple to decide on your favourite clothes for a day or two. Now, you can keep Cardigans, Skirts, Floral Dress, Jeans or Pants based on your dressing style. For the night, Pajamas or a night suit would do.

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4. Portable battery and cell phone charger

Portable chargers and power banks are essential for any short or long trip. Image: Steve Johnson/Unsplash

Flying to your favourite destinations with a bummed-out phone could be a mood killer. Pack just the needed plug-ins or a universal adapter to keep your gadgets juiced up all the time. 

5. Toiletries 

Carry on must toiletries in one bag. Image: Supply/Unsplash

Your travel bag should include tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioners, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, shaving kit, facewash, deodorant, and soap. 

6. Necessary skin care products

Keep your skin glowing and in good condition with skincare products. Image: Poko Skincare/Unsplash

Keep your skin glowing and in good condition with skincare products. This includes sunscreen, toners, serum, creams & moisturisers, makeup, facial tissues and wipes, etc. 

7. Don’t forget the Covid 

A must-have to travel safely. Image: Katie Harp/Unsplash

Bring hand sanitizers, disposable medical masks, gloves, medicines, etc., to protect yourself and others from the spread of the virus. Avoid crowded spaces and abide by the rules to get caught by germs or viruses on your way home.

8. Miscellaneous Items

Keep items of your personal choice. Image: Matthew Kwong/Unsplash

Reusable water bottles though not necessary. You can buy one. A book or magazine if you like to read on your journey. Earbuds and chargers. Perfume or deodorant.  

How to Pack

  1. Use small containers or plastic bags to seal your toiletries. 
  2. Roll up your clothing tightly and pack them together. 
  3. Include an extra spare bag to wrap up wet or dirty clothing. 
  4. Use the pockets outside of your bag for your tablet and charging cables.
  5. Keep a spare bag where you can always carry your phone, boarding pass, and passport with you.
  6. Place items you won’t need right away at the bottom of your bag. 
  7. You can fill your shoes with small items. This way, you can save space. Keep them separated from other clothing by wrapping them in shoe bags.

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