Ice skating places in Kashmir: Winter Season in Kashmir

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Why think about Switzerland when you have Kashmir? That’s correct! We have all heard about how lovely Kashmir is in the winter. It is one of the top wintertime resting from work spots in India. Views of the snow-covered landscapes, and fear-firing peaks, make the bright experience of great interest. Physical acts for amusement and the breathtaking scenery of ice inland waters may make anyone fall in love with this earthly place. When planning a winter journey to India, put Kashmir at the top of your list.

Due to the seasonal changes, it transforms into an alien landscape. It is the best time for honeymoons, family vacations, and silently travelling solo. Not only that, but Kashmir also becomes a doing something middle for winter sports and activities during the time division, which adds to the reasons why you should map a go-to. A thin film of ice forms on the valley’s lakes. In the Kashmir and Ladakh regions, frozen lakes and valleys in Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Leh, and Kargil serve as outdoor skating rinks. The tourists are ice skating when they are in Kashmir for the first time. When they get the hang of it, even a short distance of skipping makes them joyful when ice skating in Kashmir. Discover more about Kashmir’s ice skating places and winter season by reading the article till the end.

Ice skating in Gulmarg

Tourists enjoy skating in Gulmarg. Picture Source: natgeotraveller

The Kashmir valley has exhilarating winters because the minimum temperature falls below freezing point in the winter. The most well-liked sport that introduced many skat enthusiasts to the lovely world of skating is ice skating. Being adventurous in nature Ice skating is a distinctive sport. There is an ice rink in Gulmarg. In contrast to other sports, you can find an ice skating style that suits you regardless of age, skill level, or athleticism. Due to its reputation as an adventurous sport, every traveller to the Himalayas looks forward to it. It will be an astoundingly extraordinary encounter that will live indelible memory.

Ice skating in Pahalgam

I follow my heart and it leads me to the rink. Picture Source: seawatersports

 Kashmir is known for having frigid weather in the winter, making for an ideal ice skating destination. Ice skating is popular in January and February because of the location’s cold winters. Ice skating equipment and teachers are also available in the winter. In 2016, Pahalgam opened its first ice skating rink. It features a roof with all the necessary infrastructure, including lights. Additionally, it will have a facility for night skating, which will draw numerous tourists. Pahalgam is now a year-round tourist attraction.

Ice skating in Leh

In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed. Picture Source: thebridgeg

Ladakh is well known for its pure natural beauty and spiritual sites like monasteries and stupas, but it is also quickly becoming a popular winter sports destination. Ice skating is one of the exciting adventure activities in Ladakh, particularly in Leh, where ice skating is more popular. Being one of the few areas in India that freeze in the winter, the frigid desert of Ladakh prepares for popular winter sports like ice skating as north India descends into a chill. The ideal time to enjoy this adventure activity is from November to January when the winter season is at its height.

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