The Ultimate Travel Guide to Daksum Kashmir: Discovering the Natural Beauty That Has Not Been Altered

Exploring the Unspoiled Charm of Daksum Kashmir: Your Comprehensive Travel Companion to Witnessing Untouched Natural Splendor

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Daksum: A hidden gem and an untapped natural beauty. Image Source: Honeymoon Tour Packages

In Kashmir, Srinagar and Gulmarg continue to be among the most popular places to visit in Kashmir, but Daksum is a hidden gem that not many visitors make an effort to discover. Also with, you can book affordable and best Kashmir tour packages and plan your best itinerary for Kashmir. In this comprehensive travel guide to Daksum Kashmir, we will lead you on an adventure to uncover the untouched natural beauty of this entrancing location.

Table of Contents

  • An Overview of Daksum
  • Best Time to Visit Daksum
  • How to Get to Daksum
  • Areas to Visit in Daksum
  • Things to Do in Daksum
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Picnicking in Daksum
  • Conclusion

An Overview of Daksum

Daksum Village: An ideal location for unwinding in the company of nature. Image Source: Maverickbird

A small hamlet known as Daksum can be found at an elevation of 2438 meters, and it is in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. Daksum is the ideal destination for the Jammu kashmir travel package. The Place is well-known for the pristine natural beauty that surrounds it. The Daksum consists of snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, and crystal-clear streams. Those in search of a complete kashmir tour package with peace and quiet in the company of nature will find Daksum to be the ideal location and by opting for an ideal package to Kashmir with, your trip is going to be exciting.

Best Time to Visit Daksum

During the months of May through September, Daksum experiences summertime and the weather is warm and pleasant. Visiting this mesmerising place and enjoying the Daksums’ picturesque scenery are among the best things to do in Kashmir. It is also the best time to visit Kashmir for a honeymoon. Conversely, the winter season in Daksum is also breathtaking, especially for those who appreciate snow.

How to Get to Daksum

The most convenient airport to travel to and from Daksum is the Srinagar International Airport, connected to major cities in India. offers you affordable tour packages from Delhi to Kashmir. You can also reach Daksum by road. It has an extensive network linking it to nearby towns such as Srinagar and Pahalgam. For the cheapest tour packages for kashmir from Delhi, You can also take a Taxi or a shared cab while travelling from Srinagar to Daksum. With our best Kashmir packages, you won’t have to worry about when and how to travel to Kashmir anymore.

Areas to Visit in Daksum

To experience the stunning scenery and untouched natural magnificence of Daksum, there are locations in the town that you must visit on your Jammu Kashmir trip. Here are some of them.

Daksum Forest

Daksum Forest: An ideal place for nature and hike enthusiasts. Image Source: tripuntold

The Daksum Forest is an exquisitely captivating expanse that boasts verdant vegetation and a diverse array of captivating flora and fauna. It is an ideal haven for the best honeymoon packages for Jammu and kashmir for nature enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating outdoor experience, with ample opportunities for invigorating hikes and tranquil camping. However, even for those who prefer a more laid-back approach, the serene tranquillity of the forest provides an idyllic escape to unwind and rejuvenate amidst its breathtaking natural allure.

The top of Sinthan

Sinthan Top: A picture-perfect location for hiking and camping. Image Source: Holidify

Sinthan Top, a renowned tourist spot is among the places for the best honeymoon packages for Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the vicinity of Daksum and is a true gem for nature lovers. The spellbinding snow-clad mountains and awe-inspiring landscapes make it a picture-perfect destination that captivates visitors’ hearts. This idyllic location offers an ideal setting for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in exhilarating activities such as hiking and camping amidst the scenic beauty.


Kokernag: An enchanting town adorned with stunning gardens. Image Source: District Anantnag

Kokernag, an enchanting town nestled near Daksum, boasts a breathtaking natural beauty that captivates the senses and is a unique location for a complete kashmir tour package. Its lush surroundings are adorned with a myriad of stunning gardens, among which the Kokernag Botanical Garden stands out as a magnificent testament to the Mughal style of architecture. Yet, the crown jewel of this charming town is undeniably the illustrious Kokernag Spring, renowned for its purported therapeutic properties and revered as the source of the Jhelum River. Kashmir Online presents you with an opportunity for the cheapest and best tour packages for Kashmir to have a glimpse of this gem.

Things to Do in Daksum

This beautiful town not only boasts stunning natural scenery but also offers visitors a range of exciting activities to choose from. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a little bit of both. Here are some of the famous activities you can enjoy:


Daksum is an excellent starting point for hikers for the town lies in the middle of snow-covered mountains and verdant forests. Among the best things to do in Kashmir, hiking in Daksum is the most adventurous thing to do in Kashmir. There are a number of hiking paths in and around Daksum that provide hikers with breathtaking perspectives of the surrounding landscapes. You can now book the best Kashmir trekking packages with to make your trek journey a memorable one.


Daksum is a destination that is highly recommended due to the pristine natural beauty and breathtaking scenery found there. Camping is permitted in both Daksum Forest and Sinthan Top, where visitors can enjoy stargazing and campfires. Kashmir Online offers you the best itinerary for kashmir.


Daksum is an appropriate place for enjoying a picnic with close friends and/or family. The town is encircled on all sides by verdant forests and pristine streams making it an ideal location for taking it easy and unwinding for Jammu and kashmir tour.

Trying Food in Daksum

The cuisine of Kashmir is well-known for its robust flavour and its use of traditional spices from the region. Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Kashmir are three dishes that you simply must sample while in Daksum. Kashmir Online offers you a kashmir tour package with flight, to enjoy this beautiful location.


Many tourists pass up the opportunity to discover the undiscovered treasure that is Daksum. It is a town that has been bestowed with the gift of natural beauty that has not been tainted and has a long history. While in Daksum, one has a wide variety of options available to them, from appreciating the natural splendour of the area to participating in adrenaline-pumping activities. Those individuals who are looking for peace and quiet in the company of nature will find this location to be ideal. And what’s exciting is that you can book a complete Kashmir tour package with and discover many such hidden gems. We guarantee you the best Kashmir tour packages for family with flight.

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