Solo Travel In Kashmir: Tips For The First Time Travellers

This article will guide you through the various aspects of travelling to Kashmir on your own, which will help you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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If you love travelling to new destinations, exploring your way through dense forests and meeting new people, then solo travel is your thing. It is not easy to make such a decision and go on a solo trip for the first time. You need to be mentally prepared for everything that can happen. This also means that you are self-sufficient and responsible for making decisions when required. 

As a solo traveller, you must figure it out by yourself, from carrying your essentials, taking care of your belongings, deciding places to go, trying activities, and exploring markets and lodgings to stay in. We list here some fantastic tips to help you make your solo trip to Kashmir an amazing experience. This article is for first-time travellers to Kashmir who are planning to go on a solo trip and how they can make it memorable. 

Tips For Solo Travellers

Solo Travel
If you never go, you will never know. Image: Shail Sharma/Unsplash

1) If you are travelling alone, it is better if you have a local contact number with whom you can reach out in case of any emergency.

2) Always keep your passport safe with you during the trip.

3) Keep your phone charged at all times and have an unlocked phone if possible so that it doesn’t get locked into one network provider in case of an emergency.

4) Carry necessary cash with you as most shops might not accept cards or cheques from foreigners.

5) Carry water bottles with you. Most of the places in Kashmir include trekking before finally trying out other adventurous activities such as River Rafting, Camping, etc.

Benefits of Solo Travel

Smile for life and not just for the photos. Image: Unsplash

The best way to explore Kashmir is by going on a solo trip. There are many benefits of going on a solo trip, and here are some of them:

1) You get more time to be with yourself and do things at your own pace, such as deciding to stay longer at a place and enjoying the flavours of food.

2)  You get the opportunity to explore the place in depth and meet locals, venture offbeat tracks, learn new things and be your own photographer.

3) You can make new friends while travelling and learn the local dialect.

4)  It is cheaper than travelling with someone else. Once you know what you want and where to head, a lot of time gets saved not figuring out what others’ plans are.

Advice For Solo Trip To Kashmir

Organise your stuff in packing pods so you know where to look for what. Image: Conde Nast Traveler

1) Pack light: The weight of your luggage plays a significant role in the comfort level you experience while travelling. Pack light and travel with only the essentials to avoid unnecessary complications.

2) Choosing the right time: The best time to visit Kashmir is during summer, as it’s not too hot or humid. But if you are keen on visiting during winter, then make sure you have all the necessary winter clothing.

3) Choose your accommodation wisely: If you’re travelling solo, then it’s best to stay at hotels or guest houses where there are other people around; this way, in case anything happens, there will be someone who can help out.

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