Seasonal Wonders of Kashmir: Exploring Every Facet of Beauty

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Exploring The Seasons In Kashmir

Are you confused about which season to choose for a visit to heaven? Be relaxed, and explore the colourful seasons in Kashmir, in this concise blog. Know all the details about each season of Kashmir and choose the best one for you. Let us begin with the summer season!

A hut looks beautiful in the background of the lush forests of Pahalgam. Source: Kashmir Online


Summer Season, one of the most lively and charming seasons in Kashmir, attracts thousands of tourists every year. A green landscape with a pleasant temperature, a mild smell of fresh grass, gushing rivers and a clear sky describes the summer situation in Kashmir. Summer is among the best time to visit Kashmir.

Time Period: June to September

Activities to do: Photography, Shikara ride, horse riding, river rafting, paragliding, trekking, camping, fishing and cycling.

Average Temperature: 19°C – 30°C

Two women walk at the mesmerizing Naseem Bagh at Srinagar. Source: IndiaTimes


Exploration, witnessing fall and offbeat adventures are the seasonal activities to do in Autumn in Kashmir. Have relaxing nature walks on the red-hued landscape of Kashmir. Uncountable red leaves beautify every corner of Kashmir, Autumn is one of the best time to visit. This time becomes perfect for an offbeat seasonal travel in Kashmir.

Time Period: September to November

Activities to do: Photography, paragliding, trekking, horse riding, cycling and Shikara ride.

Average Temperature: 14°C – 23°C

A Shikara captured against the snow-sprayed Zabarwan Hills. Source: Kashmir Online


One of the most sought-after seasons in Kashmir, the winter witnesses dense snow. Skiing, snowboarding, gondola ride, and savouring winter food in Kashmir, form the seasonal activities in winter. Witnessing snowfall in the magnificent valley of Kashmir is a dream come true for many. With romance in the air, winter is one of the best time to visit for honeymoons.

Time Period: November to March

Activities to do: Skiing, snowboarding, photography, snow-mobile riding, horse riding, sledging, Gondola ride, and Shikara ride.

Average Temperature: -10°C – 12°C

A vibrant view from Tulip Garden Srinagar. Source: Times of India


For witnessing a vibrant, flowery landscape, spring is the best time to visit Kashmir. The fragrance of flowers spread everywhere brings an atmosphere of joy. Spring forms a great time for offbeat seasonal travel in Kashmir. Witnessing thousands of tulips at Asia’s largest tulip garden in Srinagar, forms one of the top seasonal activities in Spring.

Time Period: March to May

Activities to do: Tulip Garden photography, trekking, paragliding, cycling, horse riding, fishing, and Shikara ride.

Average Temperature: 14°C – 23°C


Every season of Kashmir presents a different charm of Kashmir. Where Summer calls for adventures, winter creates a romantic space. Spring and Autumn are not behind and present unmatched beauty while also providing a less-crowded experience. You can choose any season while we ensure that you get thrilled by the experience.

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What happens to be the best time to visit Kashmir for the best experience?

Every season differs in seasonal activities, tourist footfall and many other factors, it solely depends on the traveller to choose the best time to visit Kashmir.

When is the best time for offbeat seasonal travel in Kashmir?

For offbeat seasonal travel in Kashmir, the best seasons are spring and autumn.

Name the best seasonal activities in Winter.

The best seasonal activities to do in winter in Kashmir include skiing, sledging, horse riding, gondola ride and snowmobile riding.

Do you offer packages in all seasons?

Yes, we specialize in every segment and season. We render the best services for an extraordinary and satisfying journey to Kashmir. Check out here.

What is the best time to visit Kashmir for trekking?

The best time to visit Kashmir for trekking is Summer.

What forms the best time for romantic seasonal travel in Kashmir?

For a perfect romantic journey, the winter and summer season is best.

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