Savoring Snowy Bliss: Sonamarg Winter Tour Packages

A Snowy experience in Sonamarg.

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Sonamarg: An Overview

The Sonamarg valley is a small valley in the Valley of Kashmir which sits in the Greater Himalayan range of mountains, on the east side of the Kashmir region. Elevated at a height of 2,730 metres above sea level.

Sonamarg stands in the top tourist destinations in Kashmir because of its unmatched beauty and pure natural landscape. Loved for river rafting, trekking, sightseeing, camping and other fun-filled activities. The revered Amarnath cave and the deadly pass of Zoji La, both of which are in the vicinity increase its importance.

Today we will be taking a measure of the activities, best places and the total experience of Sonamarg winter tour packages. We are sure that you will be convinced about the fact that Sonamarg is among the best winter getaways in Kashmir.

Winter in Sonamarg

The valley of Sonamarg is covered in snow for about six months, reason being the high elevation of the region and closeness to the Himalayan peaks. Snow-covered Sonamarg is like seeing your crush in the wedding attire, damn beautiful. The landscape of Sonamarg changes into a white sparkling land with the Sind River flowing through it making it more amazing. Let’s look at the activities available in Sonamarg winter tour packages.

Snow Camping

A camp has been set up on a mountaintop for snow camping. Source: Thermarest

Adventure lovers who are in constant search of an amazing adventure, need to go nowhere but Sonamarg. Snow camping has a lot of scope in the Sonamarg Valley. You can set up your camp near the serene Sind River or anywhere that suits you. Be sure to have a proper arrangement of heating because the temperatures go in reverse in the snow-covered Sonamarg.

Skiing in Sonamarg

A group of trainees enjoying a skiing course at Sonamarg. Source:

Although Kashmir has a ski heaven known as Gulmarg, which leaves no stone unturned to amaze even the most pro-level skiers. Sonamarg also is a good place for skiing especially if you want a snow experience in solitude where there is no noise and only the sounds of nature. Skiing in Sonamarg is a unique experience to have in Kashmir. Our Sonamarg winter tour packages will give you easy access to this activity.

Horse Riding

Tourists are riding horses in Sonamarg. Source: Kashmir Online

Riding a horse or a pony is one of the most loved activities in snow-covered Sonamarg. This activity is very affordable and gives a blissful experience to the rider. Riding a horse in the snowy land of Sonamarg among the tall peaks and dense forests is like a dreamy experience. Don’t miss this amazing thrill.

Enjoy The Local Delights

A plate of Wazwan has been decorated and is ready to be served. Source: Kashmir Online

Visiting a place without having the local food is a big mistake. Warm yourself with super tasty Kashmir cuisine in one of the best winter getaways in Kashmir, Sonamarg. Taking a sip of Kashmiri Kehwa in the chill of the snow-covered Sonamarg will make you cherish the experience. Be it Nun chai, Wazwan, Kashmiri Pulao, Kashmiri Rajma Chawal, or the winter delicacy called Harissa, the cuisine of Kashmir will not give you a chance to leave the table.

Accommodations Like Home

Home-like accommodations are available in abundance in the Sonamarg Valley. Whether you want a luxurious suite or an affordable bedroom, every place will feel like home with the warm hospitality of the Kashmiri people.

Essentials for Sonamarg

When you have made up your mind to visit the snow-covered Sonamarg, you will need these essentials:

  • Warm clothes with fur jackets.
  • Raincoats
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Identity cards such as Aadhar
  • Basic med kit
  • Power Banks

Sonamarg Winter Tour Packages

Our best-made Kashmir Tour packages are fully guaranteed to give an out-of-the-box experience. We offer various packages which are fully customizable with the categories of family, adventure, honeymoon and more. Click here to visit our website and check the reviews and packages.


Photography allowed in Sonamarg?

Yes, photography is allowed in Sonamarg.

Is there good network coverage at Sonamarg?

The network signal is very good for every service provider at Sonamarg.

Is Zoji La accessible in snow-covered Sonamarg?

Zoji La is not accessible in the winter season because of heavy snow.

What is the hotel price range in Sonamarg?

Many factors affect the hotel prices in each season. It is best to check live prices on the Internet.

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