Pahalgam Snow Sports: Try Snowboarding and Sledding

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Pahalgam – A Natural Treasure

Pahalgam, situated among the peaks of the Greater Himalayan mountain range of the western Himalayas, in the Kashmir region, is a renowned hill station with treasures of natural beauty and space for adventure and thrill. This resort stands among the top resorts for a vacation in Kashmir. With pristine streams, rich Himalayan flora and fauna, alpine lakes and verdant meadows, it is a paradise for a quick escape.

A snow filled view of hill station Pahalgam, lodges visible on both ends. Source: TRAVEL TRIANGLE

Snow Sports in Pahalgam

The Pahalgam Valley remains famous for breathtaking scenery, pastures and alpine lakes from which streams flow. It also hosts the abode of the Hindu god, Shiva situated at the Amarnath cave. It also has a golf course and an amusement park. What it is less known for is the winter sports that have ample scope in the region. Pahalgam snow sports is a different adventure with almost no crowd and only mother nature.

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A skier is sliding down on steep slope on a sunny day. Source: Medium

This activity is heavily practised in the world-famous ski resort of Gulmarg. Being thronged by thousands of visitors, it remains a place of a noisy environment. For the social butterflies, it is a good option but for the ones who want a silent and peaceful skiing experience, Pahalgam is the best. Skiing in Pahalgam is an unexplored adventure and is one of the best among Pahalgam snow sports.


Similar to the skiing sport, this is also a great adventure activity that can be extra fun on the raw curvy slopes of Pahalgam. Snowboarding in Pahalgam is a unique experience where you get to spend lone moments with Mother Nature. It is one of the best Pahalgam snow sports.


Three people are sledging down on a mountain. Source: Travel Triangle

Another thrilling and very affordable sport is sledding. This activity will enthral you while you swish on the soft snow of the hills and mountains of Pahalgam. It is a serene experience in the tranquil snow-filled environment of Pahalgam. Sled adventures are one of the best in Pahalgam snow sports.


A team from JIMWS successfully scaled Mt. Kolahoi, one of the tallest peaks in Kashmir. Source: Kashmir Observer

The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports is a government institute in the Pahalgam’s Aru Valley. This institute makes skiing, mountaineering and other winter sports activities available to the public. Established in the year 1983, it stands among the best mountaineering institutes in India. If you want to learn any of the Pahalgam snow sports activities, you can go for it blindly.

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Is Pahalgam safe for winter sports?

Yes, Pahalgam being an untapped location for winter sports is also safe for anyone. You can enjoy a great time here doing Pahalgam snow sports.

Does Pahalgam have a ski rental shop?

You can bring your equipment or the local guides can rent you the equipment with whom you can learn a bit also.

Does permission have to be taken for skiing in Pahalgam?

One needs no permission for Pahalgam snow sports.

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