Offbeat Places in Kashmir You Should Never Miss

Explore these fascinating offbeat destinations to embrace the best moments of your life.

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Kashmir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Every year, lakhs of tourists flock to this gorgeous valley to experience its natural beauty and rich culture. However, most tourists only visit famous places in Kashmir, such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam. While these places are definitely worth a visit, there is so much more to Kashmir than just these well-known destinations. Here is your chance to explore some of Kashmir’s lesser-known locations off the beaten path! Keep reading to learn about some of the best offbeat places in Kashmir that you should not miss.

Bangus Valley

A soul-touching landscape, a peek into nature’s architecture. Picture Source: nativeplanet

A secluded, undiscovered location with some charming vistas will captivate you. The Bangus valley is situated in the Kupwara District, the northern part of Kashmir. The place is close to the border between Pakistan and India. The Bangus valley is surrounded by lush grasslands, meadows, and natural water springs. It also contains some fascinating natural zones. It is a hidden area of stunning natural scenery. There are two ways to get to the valley. The first is via Handwara, and the second is via Chowkibal.

Sinthan Top

One feels on top of the world, pretty light, and disconnected from daily concerns when reaching the peak.  Pcture Source: vargiskhan

Sinthan top is one of Kashmir’s most unique and beautiful offbeat locations. This area will enchant and fully engross your imagination with its covered in deep pine trees, lakes, and mountains. The landscape is most beautiful here, and the mountain peak offers views of two distinct valleys. Due to its unique position, it is a sure hit with everybody who wants to visit this breathtaking location. Sinthan top is a must-see location for its awe-inspiring panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains.


Valley of Milk, a stunning green meadow with a vista of lofty snow-capped mountains flanked by pine trees. Picture Source: flicker

One of the most famous locations in Jammu & Kashmir remains undiscovered. There are no permanent homes because of the isolation of these areas. Shepherds travel here to feed their cattle in the lush meadows. Only six months of the year are accessible, excluding the winters. The splendour of the clear rivers and lush fields will wow you. Remember to take stunning pictures of the horses, buffalo, and grazing animals on the grassland. Honeymoon couples should visit this location to enjoy some romantic time together. You can go with your mates to obtain some beautiful photos. It is a fantastic secret location in Kashmir for camping.

Dachigam national park

The Dachigam national park is best known as the home of the endangered hangul, or Kashmir stag. Picture Source: mashahur

Dachigam national park is the best location for viewing Kashmir’s wildlife. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including owlets, bears, red deer and Himalayan langurs. It will never fail to astound you with the exquisite beauty of Kashmir’s secret locations. The national park is a beautiful setting to spend your afternoons exploring the notable sites in Kashmir. Tourists enjoy the park because of its breathtaking scenery full of lovely flowers. The only kind of red deer found in India, the Hangul or Kashmir stag, is seen in Dachigam, the most picturesque park in the state.


A wonderland covered with coniferous trees, undulating green meadows, and a densely forested gorge. Picture Source: travelinntours

There are coniferous forests, peaceful green meadows, and snow-capped mountains here. Every moment in Daksum Valley is a bucket full of joy and adventure. Daksum Valley is located along the Bhringi River and is home to Trout fish. At Daksum, there is something for everyone. There’s something for everyone, from the breathtaking splendour of natural springs to the simplicity of country life. Daksum is suitable for both nature and adventure lovers. It is an excellent place for camping and for climbing the Simthan Pass. A spectacular event to enjoy with family and friends and a romantic place for honeymoon couples.

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