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Best Srinagar yoga retreats for you.

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Yoga – An Ancient Art

Yoga is an ancient art of wellness and has many different forms and philosophies which are practised worldwide. The Kashmir region also has its style and philosophy of yoga known as the Kashmir Shaivism yoga.

Today we will delve into the deepness of a yoga experience in wellness centres in Kashmir and which are the best Srinagar yoga retreats. We will talk about wellness tourism Kashmir and other related data.

Some school teachers practice yoga on International Yoga Day. Source: The Kashmir Horizon

Yoga in Kashmir

The Himalayan Valley of Kashmir has a history of deep spirituality when many of the revered saints from different religious backgrounds visited this abode. They praised the natural beauty of Kashmir and thought of it as a place with a direct connection to god. Many of them remained in the valley to practice meditation and be close to the supreme power. Wellness centres in Kashmir create a large scope for wellness tourism Kashmir.

Shankaracharya Hill

The temple of Shankaracharya, visible amid the dense forest. Source: Trek Zone

Among the most serene places in Srinagar, the Shankaracharya Hill hosts the spiritual abode of the saint and teacher, Adi Shankaracharya. A temple at the top of the hill rests at the same spot where the saint used to teach the disciples. The hill has dense vegetation and plenty of peaceful spots. Trails leading to forests are many. It becomes one of the best Srinagar yoga retreats.

Kohi Maran Hill

A wide angle view of the Srinagar city from the Hari Parbat Fort. Source: X.com

This hill faces opposite to the Shankaracharya hill and also hosts a temple. The hill has a dense forest and the magnificent Hari Parbat Fort is located on top of the hill, presenting wide angle and elevated views of Srinagar city. A place of tranquillity for sure, it has amazing potential for boosting wellness tourism Kashmir.

Mahadev Peak

Mahadev Peak is visible from the insides of Srinagar city on a foggy day. Source: Facebook

A snow-capped, pointed mountain peak located in the vicinity of Srinagar stands as a part of the Zabarwan range of mountains. It is the closest mountain peak in Srinagar. Trekked from the Harwan area of Srinagar, it takes a day to hike back and forth. The route to this peak has many serene spots near streams, which are apt for a yoga session. Surely, among the best Srinagar yoga retreats for a tranquil experience in nature.


A mesmerizing scene of Srinagar city from Astanmarg. Dal Lake is visible at the back. Source: Vargis Khan

Located near the Harwan area of Srinagar, it is a beautiful location on a hill, famous as a viewpoint in Srinagar. This place is also a spot for paragliding in Srinagar. This viewpoint provides mesmerizing views of the city. It is a suitable place in nature for a yoga and meditation session. It provides a huge scope for wellness tourism Kashmir.

Mamneth Meadow

Some trekkers have set up a camp at Mamneth Meadow. Source: Facebook

Mamneth is a heavenly trekking destination in the vicinity of Srinagar. A tranquillity-filled meadow surrounded by forests on one side and an open view of Srinagar from the other side describes some scenes of the place. Also an untapped location, this place is heaven for a secluded session of yoga in the raw nature. It is listed among the best places in Srinagar yoga retreats.

Zeshta Devi Temple

The Zeshyar shrine is surrounded among the coniferous trees of Zabarwan hills. Source: DevDarshan

This is a temple in Srinagar, tucked in the hills of Zabarwan range, dedicated to the goddess Jyeshteshwara. This place has been an important spiritual spot for Kashmiri Pandits from ancient times. The complex stands on a hill and offers serene views of the surroundings. It is a quiet place in nature and is visited by a few people. Thus, forming one of the best places among the Srinagar yoga retreats.

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Are there any yoga schools in Kashmir?

Yes, Kashmir hosts some yoga schools as well, the prominent of which happens to be the Yoga Society of Kashmir.

Does doing yoga in the forests of the Zabarwan Range prove to be safe?

It is a safe activity to do yoga among the forests of the Zabarwan mountain range only if you form a group of at least five people. Fewer people than that number become prone to wild animal encounters, such as bear attacks.

Does Srinagar host any shops for buying yoga mats and other materials?

Yes, Kashmir has many shops which sell products for yogic practices.

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