Dal Lake: Houseboat Stays in Kashmir’s Iconic Water-body

Today, we will dive into the depths of the Dal Lake and explore the famous houseboat stays and related topics.

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Kashmir is a special piece of land on the Earth with exceptional beauty, charming scenery, gorgeous people and culture, and whatnot. The valley of Kashmir is located in the western Himalayas, engulfed in the mighty snow-clad mountains. This valley is among the best touring places for leisure, adventure, thrill, fun and solitude. Today, we will dive into the depths of the Dal Lake and explore the famous houseboat stays and related topics.

The Jewel called Dal Lake

The beauty of Dal Lake is unmatched and makes a person go mad with its magnificent view against the Zabarwan Hills which stand guard from one side. A Shikara ride in the lake is one of the most soothing experiences to have in the Kashmir Valley.

Known as the jewel in the crown of India, Dal Lake is a large-bodied lake in the heart of Kashmir. Srinagar city hosts this majestic lake having qualities of pristine waters, lacustrine vegetation, and rich aqua life. It is also home to the unique floating vegetable market, which is the only one of its kind in India and the number second in Asia. Houseboat stays are among the best experiences available in Dal Lake.

What is a Houseboat?

A Houseboat has been moored on the banks of Dal. Source: Wikipedia

A Houseboat can be defined as a boat with structures built on it for living inside. These can be moving or stagnant, with or without a motor. Different places in the world have different types of houseboats, made with materials like wood, bamboo, steel or others. Houseboats in Kashmir are among the two types, available in India, the other one located in the South. Houseboat stays have been a leisure activity for a long time, giving a unique experience to travellers.


Houseboats in Kashmir have been available to tourists since as early 1900s. These are an important part of Kashmir Tourism and heritage. From the beginning, the houseboats in Kashmir were made from walnut wood, which is best suited for wet circumstances. These also have peculiar woodwork, done on them to enhance their beauty. The architecture of these is very unique and intricate.

Famous for their luxurious and grand interiors, the Kashmiri Houseboats can have a few bedrooms with a kitchen and a bathroom, with some having a dining place on the roof. Besides tourism, these are also the dwelling place of local fishermen, who have a long history of it. These fishermen claim to be the direct descendants of Prophet Noah.

Locating the Houseboats

Houseboats in the Kashmir valley are found in several places, which are Dal Lake, Nageen Lake, and the banks of River Jehlum. These are mostly moored on the banks of the water bodies but also in the interiors of the Dal Lake.

Experience of a Houseboat stay

Interior view of a Houseboat in Kashmir. Source: So City

A night in the deluxe Houseboats can charge you from a few thousand to a good amount of 20,000 or even higher, according to the facilities. The experience of Houseboat stays will make your nerves cool, making you refreshed like a newborn baby. The peacefulness of this stay is indescribable in the available words. The silence on the deep waters of Dal is what you will remember for life

Kashmir Houseboat Tour Package

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