Romantic Dal Lake Retreat: Honeymoon Ideas/ Couple’s Escapes

Best activities for a Dal Lake honeymoon.

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Dal Lake- Jewel In The Crown

The magnificent Dal Lake, resting in the Srinagar city of Jammu and Kashmir, stands as a wonder of the Mighty Himalayas. Stretched over an area of 22 square kilometres, the freshwater lake looks like a miracle of god. A portion of the Dal Lake is surrounded by the Zabarwan Hills, making the area more beautiful. The historical Shikaras in the lake form the primary transport in the lake while also being a world-famous heritage. Dal Lake is known as the Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir.

Two Shikaras traverse the waters of Dal Lake. Source: Kashmir Online

Romance in the Dal Lake

Talking about romance, Kashmir stands among the most perfect destinations all over the world. Dal Lake is surely a great spot for romantic getaways, owing to its mesmerizing aura. Read on to explore why Dal Lake is a top place for a crazy honeymoon.

Shikara Ride

Shikaras are historical wooden boats, unique in design, comfortable to ride, and old-school in build. A ride in a colourful Shikara bestows a magical experience to the visitor, traversing through the still waters of the Dal Lake. When you need to relax with your loved one, there is no better option than a Shikara ride. The Shikara forms a strong experience, making the Dal Lake among the best couple’s retreats in Srinagar.

Char Chinari

An Island in the Dal Lake, Char Chinari makes a famous attraction in the Dal Lake. ‘Char’ means ‘four’ and ‘Chinari’ means ‘Chinar trees’. The island has four Chinar trees at four corners. Most of the tourists visit Char Chinari, especially couples, for a sweet photoshoot. Visiting Char Chinari becomes a must on a Dal Lake honeymoon.

A wide view of the Char Chinari island in Dal Lake. Source: Kashmir Reader

Floating Markets

There are various markets in the Dal Lake, hosting about every item from eatables to jewellery and more. Exploring these markets with your better half includes in the best activities for a Dal Lake honeymoon. Have a cup of hot Kashmiri Kehwa, buy fresh fruits, purchase jewellery, and gift a unique Kashmiri handicraft to your beloved one. Explore Kashmiri culture in one of the best romantic getaways in Kashmir.

Houseboat Stay

Houseboats are boats with houses built on them. The Kashmiri houseboats include among the most important heritages of Kashmir. Dal Lake, one of the most charming couple’s retreats in Srinagar, hosts these beautiful houseboats in large numbers. If you miss a houseboat stay in the lake, you miss a big part of Kashmir. Thus, a stay in a Kashmiri houseboat should be on the list of a Dal Lake honeymoon.

Houseboats are lined up to serve the visitors. Source: Rising Kashmir


There is a long list of activities that couples can do in the Dal Lake. Activities such as a Jet ski ride, zorbing, photography, and Kashmiri food exploration are a few other amazements. You may also visit the Mughal Gardens, Tulip Garden, and the Botanical Garden, in the vicinity of the lake. Shopping becomes a lively experience around Dal Lake, where one can purchase almost every item.


Do you offer Dal Lake honeymoon packages?

Yes, we have extraordinary Kashmir honeymoon packages. Check our Kashmir Online.

Is Dal Lake the largest lake in Kashmir?

The Dal Lake is the second-largest lake in Kashmir, after the Wular Lake.

How much does a Dal Lake honeymoon cost?

A Dal Lake honeymoon price varies on a large scale according to many factors. You may check our best cheapest rates here.

Name some top romantic getaways in Dal Lake.

Char Chinari, Oont Kadal, Kabootar Khana and floating markets include in the top romantic getaways in the Dal Lake.

What are the best romantic activities to do in Dal Lake?

Shikara ride, couple photography, a long drive on the boulevard road, and a houseboat stay are the best romantic activities to do in Dal Lake.

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