Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Lesser-Known Treasures in Kashmir

Explore hidden treasures of Kashmir.

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View of Bringi stream in Daksum. Source: Haveed Hilal

Our Mother Earth has created some places that make this planet a heavenly abode. Among these is a piece of land located in the north of the Indian Subcontinent, known as Kashmir. This place makes the words fall short, for describing its charm and beauty. It is blessed with meadows of fresh green grass and wildflowers, pristine rivers and streams that form magnificent waterfalls and cascades, alpine mirrory lakes, dense green forests, echoing valleys, and rich culture and tradition.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

Kashmir exploration is not complete without travelling to the lesser-known treasures of this serene valley. The more a place gets famous, the more it turns into a garbage dump, a noisy environment, and an unnatural surrounding with many structures. All this creates a need to have some pristine and untouched places of nature, which will return the peace to the soul and body. In this blog, you will explore the best off-beat places in the fabulous Kashmir valley.

Bangus Valley

A meadow in Bangus Valley. Source: Wikipedia

Situated in the Kupwara district of Kashmir is this beautiful valley which has one of the largest meadows of the Kashmir valley. This place is a hidden paradise, offering its breathtaking landscape, large green meadows, pristine streams and calm echoing valleys.

The Bangus festival is also held annually which boosts tourism, by promoting activities like horse racing, ATV riding, paragliding and music performances. This place has been largely cut from the rest of the Kashmir valley in the past due to the unavailability of road connectivity and the remoteness of the area. It is now slowly developing into a famed tourist spot. Kashmir exploration is incomplete without visiting this place, which is one of the lesser-known treasures.


Lying in the Budgam district of Kashmir, Yusmarg translates to the ‘Meadow of Jesus’. This place is among the lesser-known treasures and has large meadows, the gushing stream of Doodhganga, a peaceful environment, and beautiful dense forests which make you forget everything, present in your mind. This beauty is among the most favoured offbeat destinations where you can enjoy a private moment with Mother Nature. There are other heavenly places in the vicinity, which include Dikshal meadows, Nilnag lake and Sang-e-Safed valley.


The beautiful village of Chatpal. Source: Whats Hot 

This place is a gem in the category of lesser-known treasures of the Kashmir valley. Chatpal is a hill town in the Anantnag district of Kashmir Valley. It is a remote area and is visited by very few travellers because of its obscurity, nevertheless, it is now gaining momentum in the travel world. This place has a mesmerizing landscape, soothing streams, and a tranquillity-filled environment. It has a small population who live a basic style of life. It is one of the few places where water-operated old-style mills can be seen to date. An amazing place for Kashmir exploration.


It is a cherished place in the hills of Brengi Valley, lying in the Anantnag district of South Kashmir. This place falls in the list of best offbeat places in Kashmir Valley. It flaunts the Brengi stream which flows with its chilled mineral water. It has a serene landscape with cute monkeys to play with, who hang around near visitors to get some food. Famous attractions of Kokernag and Achabal are not far from this beauty. This is a must-visit place for Kashmir exploration of the offbeat destinations.

Gurez Valley

A cluster of fifteen villages in between snow-clad mountains and youthful streams, this wonderful place is one of the most famous among the offbeat places in the valley. Located in the Bandipora district, this valley is home of Dards, who are an ethnic group emerging from the old land of Dardistan. The local language is Shina and these people show a different portrait of Kashmir.

It is close to the Pak border and hence there are few spots to say hi to the Pakistanis. J&K government is improving the tourism in this heavenly abode, to make it a famed one. Many festivals are hosted every year to make it a favourite place for travellers. Gurez is the heart of the lesser-known treasures of Kashmir.


These were some of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations which will give you peace, adventure, thrill, healing and golden memories that will remain with you forever. There are other lesser-known treasures in Kashmir which you can explore and see Kashmir in different colors. All the destinations cannot be put on paper and hence you are welcome to visit this hospitable valley.

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